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Model: YJ-5H365

Applications: Commercial/industrial compressors use high power, requiring connectors to withstand higher currents and operate in more demanding environments. According to the demand, PIN, solder and insulation materials are used in the new design.

Product advantages:

Customized according to customer needs, high applicability;

Adopt special packaging technology, high sealing performance;

Ceramic and rubber can be added to increase reliability according to the harsher operating environment.

Technical parameters:


Minimum outside diameter: 28.5mm

Maximum outside diameter: 32.6mm

Thickness: 1.45mm/1.75mm


Material: Iron-chrome /Cu core

Diameter: 3.2mm

Length: 36.5mm

Welding sheet:


Internal: PIN/TAB

Minimum distance:

Surface distance: space distance:

External: 9.5mm External: 6.4mm

Internal: 4.8mm Internal: 3.2mm

Insulation resistance: 10000MQ/DC500V

Resistant voltage: AC3000V/ s

Working conditions:

Voltage: Current:

< 300V < 35A (iron-chromium)

< 300V < 55A (Cu core)

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