Model number: YJ-3

Application field: air conditioning and other sealing compressors. The glass-metal sealing terminal of each compressor is composed of a metal base, multiple steel needles and glass body. The glass body is mainly made of customized sodium-barium glass, which has high electrical insulation.

Product advantages:

Our glass - metal seal products for compressors have a variety of excellent performance;

High sealing;

High electrical properties.

Technical parameters:


Minimum outside diameter: 28.5mm

Maximum outside diameter: 32.6mm

Thickness: 1.45mm/1.75mm


Material: Iron-chrome /Cu core

Diameter: 3.2mm

Length: 36.5mm

Welding sheet:

External: PIN/TAB

Internal: PIN/TAB

Minimum distance:

Surface distance: space distance:

External: 6.4mm External: 6.4mm

Internal: 4.8mm Internal: 3.2mm

Insulation resistance: 1000MQ/DC500V

Resistant voltage: AC3000V/ s

Working conditions:

Voltage: Current:

< 300V < 35A

< 300V < 50A (Cu core)

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