Model number: YJ-1C27

Application field: micro compressor, each compressor glass-metal sealing terminal is composed of a metal base, a number of steel needles and glass body, the glass body is mainly made of customized sodium barium glass, has high electrical insulation, according to customer needs, we can customize the length of steel needles, top weld Angle and so on.

Product advantages:

Our glass - metal seal products for compressors have a variety of excellent performance;

High sealing;

High electrical properties.

Technical parameters:


Minimum outside diameter: 20.2mm

Maximum outside diameter: 23.3mm

Thickness: 1.25mm


Material: Iron - chrome

Diameter: 2.3mm

Length: 27mm

Welding sheet:

External: PIN

Internal: PIN

Minimum distance:

Surface distance: space distance:

External: 2.6mm External: 2.6mm

Inside: 2.0mm Inside: 1.2mm

Insulation resistance: 1000MQ/DC500V

Resistance voltage: AC1000V/ s

Working conditions:

Voltage: Current:

< 300V < 15A

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